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Cattle in PastureOtto Farms, Inc. is located about 4 miles northeast of Wabasso, MN. Otto Farms is proud to be a provider of high quality food for America and beyond. Care is taken to care for the limited resources God has provided for growing crops and raising livestock.

Crop farming practices are constantly monitored and updated to preserve the quality of our land and water. Use of chemicals is limited to what is deemed necessary to produce a quality product from our plants. Primary tillage is limited to one pass in the spring before corn is planted (following soybeans). Mid summer, ridges are built with a B & H Ridge Till Cultivator in the growing corn. Traffic is limited to the same rows year after year and heavy grain carts are only used if absolutely necessary.

Livestock is allowed to grow as naturally as possible. No antibiotics are used unless the health of each individual is as risk. Growth hormones or other additives are not used in our feed.

5 Responses to About Otto Farms

  1. ottofarms says:

    Not a problem. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. Terry Cutler says:

    Lance, why do you knock down ridge with your vertical tillage after beans? I strip till and am thinking of going to ridge till. Grain cart is a obstacle but doable.

    • Lance O. says:

      We have found that knocking down the ridge after beans gives us more flexibility in fertilizing including applying anhydrous ammonia in the fall.
      We use a 6 row corn head so we can make a 1/2 mile round. Grain cart is only used for overflow when we can’t make a full round due to high corn yields. Our grain tank can hold around 350 bushels so it’s usually not an issue.

  3. Lee says:


    what benefit(s) do you see that make ridging beans worth while, as you do not ridge for corn?

    I ask this because I am considering a trial to ridge beans this coming year.

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