Tool Time for Pre-Harvest Marketers

A big thank you to the Sleepy Eye marketing club for hosting Ed Usset’s pre-harvest marketing program. It was an informative presentation on the tools available for pricing and marketing crops. A similar meeting was hosted in December by the Wanda marketing club but that dealt with post-harvest marketing.

Marketing the crop has always been difficult. You want to sell high and kick your self when you don’t sell at the top instead of feeling good year after year by marketing above your break even. This is the goal of Ed’s presentations. Find your break even and set your plan in motion with that as your goal.

You can learn more at Ed’s blog –

Great educational meeting!

Attended the Research Professionals meeting at SWROC Lamberton on Thursday, January 10. The University of Minnesota is doing some fantastic work to make farming viable long term but some things need to change or we (farmers) will risk losing a lot of tools from our toolbox. I’m speaking metaphorically of course. These tools include continued management of weeds and insects that threaten our livelihood. If we continue without change, change will be forced on us with large monetary costs, not but the government or companies but by being caught off guard to things already happening. Continue reading

The last of the beans

Growing seed beans for Pioneer you never know when they’ll go out. I’ve loaded beans out in fall, the following June and on days where the high didn’t hit zero degrees F. Today was a beautiful winter day to send the last ones out.

Loading Beans

A beautiful crescent moon greeted us as we began loading trucks with beans this morning. Phone cameras don’t do it justice but still a beautiful shot I had to share.