Ridge Till wind erosion comparison.

ditch snowAfter much of the snow melted away we were presented with a stark comparison of wind erosion on our Ridge Till field versus the neighbors well worked field. If you click on the photo to the left to enlarge, you will see almost black covered snow compared to our nearby ditch. The photo to the right is a shot down the field.field snow

Is it really January in Minnesota?

combine looking inFrom this photo you’d think that it’s a beautiful spring or fall day. The bi-fold shop door is open and the combine is ready for maintenance. It would be a shame to shut the door with such beautiful, sunny weather upon us.

Well, this photo was taken on January 26, 2015 on our farm. It was 46 degrees outside and the shop door did stay open for a couple hours that afternoon. We also brought the snow blower out of the shed for some PTO maintenance. Not much snow has come but we did have a problem to take care of and what better time than when you can work with the door open.

Here’s the photo taken from inside the shop to prove to you that it was indeed winter. Not much snow but it’s there all the same. Combine looking out

2013 Harvest Has Begun

The 2013 harvest began this week. Not as unusual as it used to be, we started harvest with corn instead of soybeans. The corn stalks are quite weak this year from drought stress driving us to fire up the corn dryer and get moving taking the weakest corn first. Not all corn is created equal and some is falling before we can harvest it.

We tried harvesting the variety that was the worst but the kernels would not come off the cob so it waits longer and falls more.

We prefer to dry corn rather than let it naturally dry in the field. This saves us from phantom losses as well as over dry kernels shelling off in the corn head and dropping in the field.

harvest corn night dryer

Forklift Purchase

To declare more independence from seed dealers, as well as add another “tool” to the business, Otto Farms has purchased their own forklift. After a couple months of scouting we settled on a 2000 Daewoo 5000# capacity lift truck. Very nice machine with records back to new. Purchased from Forklifts of MN. I’m sure that over time we will find many uses for this machine. A fork mounted scaffolding is next on our list. Daewoo Forklift

Earlier this summer we added pallet racking to part of an end wall of our machine shed in anticipation of acquiring a forklift that would reach the 10 foot level. This shelving was intended to not only clear some floor space in the shed but to allow us to possibly store our rotary sickle on the top of the rack. After fitting our JD8310T with new tracks late summer, we were left with two very hefty pallets that the tracks were delivered on. With the addition of some scrap piping and angle irons we built a pallet to set the mower on and thus were able to lift it to the top of our rack.

Mower Pallet Mower on Pallet Mower on Rack