Farmfest 2015

Farmfest2015MSGA_TentWe spent parts of two days wandering Farmfest in search of the latest and greatest. The Gilfillan location is a convenient 15 minute drive for us so splitting our time across multiple days is quite easy. One of the highlights every year is working in the MN Soybean Growers tent talking to fellow members and educating potential new members about the benefits of being an MSGA member.

Some time was spent, as well, looking at strip-till equipment. Our interest was peaked at a field day this summer in Lamberton. Much needs to be learned yet and equipment is a key piece of the puzzle. What better place to look than Farmfest.

After spending a couple years looking for a replacement grain bin temperature monitoring system we finally pulled the trigger at Farmfest with the purchase of an IntelliFarms sensor system. We look forward to may years of accurate monitoring of our grain to keep in in top condition.

One final product we’re doing a test run on is from Farmers Business Network. We expect this service will help us with the arduous process of choosing corn and soybean varieties for the coming year. They’re an up and coming company that is farmer focused. No seed or chemical company is in their back pocket. All information is for the farmer’s benefit only.

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