Grain Dryer Replacement

Just to refresh your memories, we had a grain dryer fire last fall. The dryer was repaired to the point that we could finish drying our harvest but we decided to replace it in time to use for the 2020 season.

Replacing a grain dryer is no small task and it consumed a lot of our spare time during the summer of 2020. To start things out, we thought we had a company lined up to do the crane work for us but they failed to follow through. After a text and phone call we had K & S Millwrights, from Buffalo Lake, MN, lined up to help us with the project. They were doing some work at a nearby town and would get to us once that project was completed.

In the mean time, we had a lot of work to do getting ready for the crane to come. We disconnected everything from our old grain dryer then went to the farm site of the farmer we purchased the “new to us” dryer from and prepped that one for moving.

Removing the old grain dryer

Four videos of old dryer removal.

The replacement grain dryer was purchase from a neighbor about 5 miles from our farm. We went to their farm ahead of the millwrights and did what we could to prep the dryer for removal and transport. They showed up with a set of hydraulic jacks to lift the dryer and roll it out, as far as there was concrete, from under a structure before picking it up with a crane to set it on transport wheels.

Jacks for lifting and rolling
Jacks with wheels at the bottom for lifting the dryer and rolling it out.
Transporting the new dryer home and lifting it with the crane. 3 Videos.

Once the dryer was in place, there was still a lot of work to do. Electrical boxes and a phase converter had to be mounted. Load and unload augers had to be placed. Transition boxes for the augers had to be built. The electricians had to show up and to their magic. Routine maintenance had to be completed along with training from the NECO dealer we work with.

All in all, we were very pleased with how the project came together. It was busy summer of getting it all put together but the results were fantastic! Saying goodbye to the 30 year old dryer wasn’t difficult at all.

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