Harvest 2020

Harvest 2020 brought great surprises with record corn and near record soybean yields! After the summer or COVID and commodity prices crashing, there was some light at the end of the tunnel.

Normally we would harvest the soybeans before corn but they beans were not dry and the weather wasn’t allowing them to dry very fast so we opted to harvest corn until the beans were ready. We had nearly 1/2 our corn harvested before starting soybeans.

Our new grain dryer worked flawlessly allowing us to concentrate on other things to keep harvest running smooth.

We moved our test plot to a new location this year. The fields that we plant to corn in the even numbered years do not have good locations for a test plot. The soil needs to be well drained and not subject to ponding as well as be on fairly homogenous soil types.

Once we got into soybeans, harvest went quite fast. Not having a lot of dew in the evenings helped us put in some long hours and harvest them before they were too dry.

Some videos from harvest.

It’s always fun catching some sunset pictures during harvest.

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