Scale Weigh Bar Replacement

We rely on a platform scale to weigh the grain we bring from the fields to our storage bins. It is not a legal scale but gets us close enough to knowing, load by load, what is dumped at our bin site. Over the past couple of years it has become unreliable and finally failed completely this fall as we tested it while getting our grain handling system ready for harvest. Normally, this would have been discovered too late in the year to do anything about it but, with the late harvest, we had a window of opportunity to order and replace the weigh bars.

The scale is a wooden platform that spans across two large I-beams. In order to gain access under the scale, an opening in the center is used. When the scale was originally installed there was just one access hole and you had to crawl to the other end across a bed of gravel with less the two feet of clearance under the scale. This was ok for routine inspection but when faced with the challenge of having to loosen bolts that have rusted in place over the past 35 years we decided it was time to make an opening in the other end as well. Between days of soaking the rusted bolts with rust loosening spray and the use of a torch to heat the bolts, to loosen the more persistent ones, we manged to get all of the weigh bars replaced.

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