Another snowy winter!

The 2018-2019 winter started out rather slow but once the snow started in mid January, it was never ending along with the winds. We burned through more tractor fuel than we ever have trying to keep up. Not only did we have two yards to clear, we also had to blow portions of the road to travel between farm sites. I am thankful for the snow blower because if we were piling with a loader we would have run out of space to push the snow especially between my garage and barn.

By the end of February, the township was hiring dozers to push snow back further off the road otherwise the wind driven snow would fill the road right back up to the height of the edge that the plow left.

The highways were filling with snow as well getting areas down to one lane and even closing State Hwy 71 for a day leaving semis stranded in Redwood Falls with no way south.

Our long winter turned into a late spring of planting. Along the way, some strong southerly winds gained us some Texas soils as seen in the photo from the road ditch by my grove.

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