Farming is also a Small Business!

     As a farmer today, we need to be advocates for our businesses. We don’t do this alone but belong to many other advocacy groups as well. Our farm is a member of ag related groups such as MN Farm Bureau, MN Corn Growers and MN Soybean Growers. Sometimes we need to think more outside the box when we’re looking for others with similar goals as ours. Farmers may not think of themselves as part of the “Independent Business” group but we all are an independent business. Any business on it’s own cannot stand up to the onslaught of what the government keeps throwing at us. Some of this comes via legislation while others come from judges writing laws when they shouldn’t be. While the corn, soybean, wheat, cattle, pork and many other ag groups do a great job at what they do, our farm business has chosen to go outside the “ag” world to the Small Business world by become members of the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) as well as the US Chamber or Commerce. Nothing has strengthened my faith more in these groups than a recent article in the US Chamber Quarterly (Summer 2015). The article link below is worth your time to read. It encompasses so many of the things I believe in and am concerned about as a farmer. A second, reaffirming article came via email. It goes with the cattle photo above. Here’s the link.

Today’s issues can be attacked with tomorrow’s solutions–and the workforce of the future. The Talent Pipeline Management (TPM) initiative explores ways to transform the relationship between educators, workers, and business leaders to ensure that America has the workforce it needs to compete in the 21st century.

Source: Working on the Future of Business | U.S. Chamber of Commerce