Test plot planting day 2016

test plot follow with ranger

Planting the plot. Ranger follows to help change varieties on the other end.

test plot changing varieties

Not everyone likes having their picture taken.

Every year, Otto Farms puts in a test plot for corn varieties. Our limit is 24 and we made it to 21 this year. That’s a lot of seed boxes to empty and refill every 500 feet of planting! We plant 3 varieties on each pass. 4 rows/variety. We couldn’t have picked a better day. Beautiful weather with light winds and short sleeve temperatures.

Below is the lineup of varieties that made it into our plot this year. These are varieties we are planting in our field as well as varieties we would consider planting in future years. Most of the varieties are double stacks meaning that they are roundup and corn borer resistant. We have a couple that add in root worm resistance as well. When the double stack varieties are planted in the field we add an insecticide in the seed furrow to control corn root worm as well as other in-ground insects.

Croplan 3899 VT2P 96
Pioneer 9681 AMX 96
Channel 197-68 STX 97
Pioneer 9703 AMX 97
Gold Country 98-38 R2P 98
Dekalb 52-85 VT2P 102
Latham LH4955 R2P 99
Wensman 81007 VT2P 100
Nutech 5N-0108AF2 101
Nutech 5Z-0107AR2 101
Wensman W7320 VT3P 101
Pioneer 0157 AMX 101
Croplan 4975VT2P 102
Nutech 5D702 3P 102
Nutech 5R-502 3P 102
Dekalb 52-85 VT2P 102
Gold Country GC102-88 R2P 102
Latham LH5215 VT2P 102
Wensman 81028 VT2P 102
Dekalb 53-58 VT2P 103
Dekalb 53-69 VT2P 103
test plot end view

Empty 12 boxes and change to three new varieties.

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