Weed Control and Fertilization

With the late planting start, we were unable to achieve good weed control with our vertical till machine on some fields. The weeds were larger than 3″ and they just slipped through without being fully uprooted. On a couple of fields we had to use a pass with chemical to know out the weeds to give the soybeans a good start without competition.

Y-Drop Fertilizing

We tried something new this year. After researching studies on using y-drops for applying a portion of our fertilizer later in the season, we purchased and installed a system on our Top Air sprayer. We utilized 60′ of the boom width for this because the ends of a 90′ boom can bounce up and down quite a distance when traveling on rough terrain or side hills. We were able to travel at a speed of about 15mph and covered a 300 acre field in one day. This was necessary because that night our window of opportunity closed once again with another round of rains. By the time it dried again, our corn had grow a couple of feet and our spray would not have worked without breaking down corn. We hope to cover more acres in 2020 but not all acres until we can prove this system out financially.

You can find our post on the shop portion of this project here https://www.ottofarms.com/shop-projects-spring-2019/

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